Mini-game 17

The Arcade Game 2 Puzzle.

Arcade Game 2 Puzzle

The arcade game machine 2.

Pedal powered generator

The pedal-powered generator.

Mini-game 17 walkthrough book hint

The hints in the walkthrough book.

Mini-game 17 five games

The five sliding boxes puzzles.

Mini-game 17 on-screen

The mini-game on screen.

The Arcade Game 2 Puzzle (or Sliding Boxes Puzzle) is a Mini-game that has to be solved.

Level - 23. Games Arcade (level)


  • Arcade game machine 2.


  • The pedal-powered electricity generator will have to be used before the game can be played. Set the lever on the side of the generator to 2. Josef will then have to pedal until the dial enters the red area and the light on top of the game machine 2 is lit up. The game machine 2 will now have power. Walk Josef to the game machine 2 and click on it; the mini-game will appear on screen.
Note: pedalling the generator is not about speed, it is about accuracy. Slow accurate pedal circle turns are better than fast erratic pedal circle turns. With practice fast accurate pedal circle turns can be accomplished.


  • The front of the game machine, the upper part has a monitor screen the lower part has four direction arrow buttons and a red reset button. A sliding boxes puzzle will come up on the monitor screen which will have to be solved. There are five sliding boxes puzzles to solve with each puzzle becoming progressively more difficult and complex.


  • To complete all five sliding boxes puzzles.


  • See the hints in the walkthrough book (to the right) for the solutions.


  • Inventory Item - one gold coin, collected from a chute on the side of the gaming machine 2.