The Bandage is an Inventory Item that can be used in the game.


The Bandage is a long strip of white material.


Clock SquareEdit

The Bandage can be found wrapped around the knee joint of the Wheelchair Man.


Josef will have to collect some sunflower-oil in an oilcan and then give the Full Sunflower-oil Oilcan to the Wheelchair Man to obtain the Bandage. Getting the Full Sunflower-oil Oilcan will be a long and difficult task for Josef. He will have to travel to many new locations, meet new characters, solve many puzzles and complete numerous tasks on his long journey. When Josef is finally able to give the Full Sunflower-oil Oilcan to the Wheelchair Man he will take off the Bandage from his knee and drop it on the ground. Josef can then simply pick up the Bandage.


The Bandage can be used to make the Battery Pack.

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