Cat (inventory)

The Cat (Inventory) is an Inventory Item that can be used in the game.

The Cat is also a Character in the game. (See: Cat)


The Cat is an agile fast running feline type of robot that is easily scared.


Arcade BridgeEdit

The Cat is first encountered sleeping on the glass roof of a machinery building near Arcade Bridge. Josef will have to complete a complex series of tasks to catch this fast, agile, and easily frightened feline robot.


Three main tasks will have to be completed to obtain the Cat:

  • Task 1 - complete the Electricity Pole Puzzle. (See: Electricity Pole Puzzle)
  • Task 2 - when the Electricity Pole Puzzle has been completed Josef will have to tie the hanging down electricity cable to the metal railing on the bridge. Josef will then have to pass electricity through the railing.
  • Task 3 - Josef will have to make the Stepladder Robot move to the right. (See: Stepladder Robot) This will enable Josef to scare the Cat which will run away, jump onto the bridge railing and be knocked out by the electric shock. Josef can now pick up the Cat and place it in the Inventory.


The Cat can be used to help the Didgeridoo Player.

When Josef brings the Cat to Buskers' Square he can put the Cat down by the Didgeridoo Player. The Cat will run into the didgeridoo and chase out the Rodent that is hiding in there. The Cat will chase the Rodent out of the didgeridoo; chase it across the square and out of sight and will not be seen again.

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