The Chandelier is an Inventory Item that can be used in the game.


The Chandelier is a hanging light fitting with curved branches ascending from a central axis. On the ends of the branches are electric light bulbs.



The Chandelier can be found hanging from the ceiling by an electric cable.


To get the Chandelier Josef will first have to obtain the Scissors to cut the electric cable that the Chandelier is hanging from. (See: Scissors) To reach the electric cable Josef can move the vacuum cleaner underneath the Chandelier and then stand on the vacuum cleaner and reach up. Before cutting the electric cable Josef must first cut off electricity to the Chandelier by using the mains switch located on the wall by the door to the Restroom.

Note: The vacuum cleaner is controlled by the lever on the control panel located on the far left side of the Lobby.


The Chandelier can be used as a grappling hook. Josef can move the vacuum cleaner into the Restroom and tie the cable of the Chandelier to the vacuum cleaner. He can then hook the branches of the Chandelier onto the toilet bowl. Josef can then move the vacuum cleaner which will rip the toilet bowl from the floor of the Restroom. Josef can climb down through the hole to reach the time Bomb and defuse it.

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