City - close up

The City.

The City is a Location in the game.

The City is the main location where the game story unfolds.


The City is located in the hilly wasteland that surrounds it.


The City is composed of many tall buildings tightly packed together and supporting each other. The central building is the Castle Tower the tallest structure in the City. The City seems to be standing in the caldera of an extinct volcano or perhaps there is a large trench or moat around the City. The City is possibly connected to the Sea by a river or harbour, as the City has a Docks area capable of handling large ships or similar vessels. The main overland entrance to the City is the City Gate which is protected by the Drawbridge.

The City is very old and is slowly decaying as time goes by. Everything in the City is dilapidated and run down but the City does have power, electricity, running water and other resources. The many strange and unusual robot citizens go about their daily lives as best they can. The City has city guards the Police Robots and it also has a criminal underworld namely the Black Cap Brotherhood. The head figure in the City is the Mayor of Machinarium who can be found in the Castle at the top of the City Tower.

Berta and Josef the two main Characters in the game have lived happily in the City. However their happiness is soon to be shattered because of the bomb plot conspiracy to take over the City.

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