- Important Characters


- Interactive Characters


  • Buskers' Square

Plot Item(s)

  • Flypaper

The Flies are Characters in the game.

The Flies are also Inventory Items in the game. (See: Flies (Inventory) )

The Flies are important characters that have an important role in the game.


The Flies seem to be similar to ordinary flies; it is not known if they are mechanical flies.


Buskers' SquareEdit

They can be found flying and buzzing over a large vat of green sludge that is outside the Pub in Buskers’ Square. In Buskers’ Square Josef will have to get the Drummer of the Robot Band a drum to play on. There is an oil drum in the Pub but the Barkeep is keeping a careful watch on the oil drum. To distract the Barkeep Josef will have to take the Flypaper hanging up inside the Pub. He can use the Flypaper to collect some Flies over the vat. When Josef has collected the Flies he can return to the Pub and release the Flies near the Barkeep. The Barkeep will be distracted allowing Josef to “borrow” the oil drum and take it to the Drummer.

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