Frozen hosepipe

The Frozen Hosepipe is an Inventory Item that can be used in the game.


The Frozen Hosepipe is a long flexible pipe that has been folded into a concertina shape. It is frozen because it is part of the workings of an air conditioning cooling unit.



The Frozen Hosepipe can be found inside the air conditioning unit located high above the sink.


Berta will first have to obtain the Long Metal Hook from Josef. Berta will then have to move the large cooking pot from the cooker and place it on the floor. She can then stand on the cooking pot, reach up and use the Long Metal Hook to open the air conditioning unit. Berta can then use the Long Metal Hook to pull down the Frozen Hosepipe.


The Frozen Hosepipe can be unfrozen to make the Hosepipe. Berta can take the lid off the large cooking pot and place the Frozen Hosepipe inside the pot. After a short time the water in the cooking pot will start to boil; making the lid rattle. The Frozen Hosepipe will now be thawed out and Berta will be able to place the Hosepipe in her Inventory.

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