Ice spray can

The Ice Spray Can is an Inventory Item that can be used in the game.


The Ice Spray Can is a small pressurised metal can with a push button and a long spray nozzle. The body of the can is colored pale blue and has a white snowflake symbol. When the push button is pressed a jet of freezing cold air will spray out of the nozzle and freeze anything that it is pointed at.



The Ice Spray Can will be found in the small compartment behind the secret access door on the wall inside the Elevator.


To get the Ice Spray Can, Josef will have to obtain the key to the secret access door (See: Elevator Key)


The Ice Spray Can is used to freeze the large padlock located in the Cellar. The large padlock is holding shut the trapdoor in the floor of the flooded Card Room. Josef can spray the padlock until it has become frozen and the metal is brittle. He can then smash the brittle padlock with the large hammer that can be found nearby.

(When the padlock has been smashed the trapdoor in the floor of the flooded Card Room will suddenly open. The water and the Black Cap Brotherhood will be flushed down the large drain that is below the trapdoor)

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