Angry FanAngry Fan PuzzleAngry Woman
Arcade Bridge (level)Arcade Game 1 PuzzleArcade Game 2 Puzzle
Arcade Game 3 PuzzleArcade TicketBandage
BarkeepBathhouse (level)Batteries
Battery PackBertaBird
Birds on a WireBlack Cap BrotherhoodBlack Cap Leader
Blue Traffic ConeBomb (level)Bomb Timer Puzzle
Bottom (level)Broken RadioBroom
BulletsBuskers' Square (level)Butterfly
Castle (level)Castle Bridge (level)Castle Guard
Castle Guard's PetCastle Safe PuzzleCat
Cat (Inventory)Cellar (level)Chandelier
CharactersCigaretteCigarette Paper
CityClock Square (level)Coins
Didgeridoo PlayerDocks (level)Docks Hoist Puzzle
DogDog (Inventory)Dome (level)
Dome Security PuzzleDrawbridge (level)Drawbridge Guard
DrummerElectrical CableElectricity Pole Puzzle
Elevator (level)Elevator Control Box PuzzleElevator Key
Elevator Stairway (level)Empty OilcanEmpty Sunflower-oil Oilcan
Fat Black CapFat RobotFlashing Lightbulb
FliesFlies (Inventory)Flying Robots
Flying Security RobotFlypaperFlytrap Plant
Frozen HosepipeFull OilcanFull Sunflower-oil Oilcan
Furnace Hoist PuzzleFurnace Room (level)Game Hint Function
Game Walkthrough FunctionGame in the Brain PuzzleGameplay
Games Arcade (level)Glasshouse (level)Glasshouse Control Box Puzzle
Glasshouse Door PuzzleGuardroom (level)Handrail End
Horseshoe MagnetHosepipeIce Spray Can
InventoryInventory ItemsJosef
Junction Box KeyJunction Box PuzzleJunkyard
Junkyard (level)Kitchen (level)Ladder Rungs
LevelsLine from SpoolLoaded Plunger Gun
Lobby (level)LocationsLong Metal Hook
LoudspeakerMachinariumMachinarium Wiki
Magnetic Fishing LineMagnifying LensMaintenance Robots
Manhole Cover KeyMayor of MachinariumMean Guard
Mini-gamesMossOfficial Forum
Official SiteOil Dispenser PuzzleOilcan
Pipe Control PuzzlePipe Wrench RobotPlot Items
Plumbing PuzzlePlungerPlunger Gun
Police Robot's HelmetPolice RobotsPrison Cells (level)
Prison Cells KeyPrison Corridor (level)Prison Door Code Puzzle
Prison RobotsPrison Safe PuzzleProp Stick
Pub Game PlayerPub Gomoku PuzzlePub and Card Room (level)
Puzzle PieceRed SpannersRepaired Radio
Restroom (level)Robot BandRodent
Samorost RobotSave Game FunctionSaxophone Keys
Saxophone PlayerScissorsSea (level)
Security GuardSkinny RobotSlideshow Cassette 1
Slideshow Cassette 2Small Lightbulb (2-pin)Small Lightbulb (3-pin)
Smoking RobotSmoking Robot's ArmSoft Toy
SoundtracksSpiders PuzzleStepladder Robot
Sunflower PlantSunflower SeedsSweetcorn
Tap HandleTelescope Room (level)Temple Clock Handle
Temple Clock PuzzleTemple PriestTemple Woman
Thin Black CapTin of Blue PaintTobacco
Traffic ConeUmbrellaUmbrella Woman
Vending RobotWall - base (level)Wall - middle (level)
Wall - top (level)Wall Lift PuzzleWedge
Wheelchair ManWinding RoadWire Hook