The Loudspeaker is an Inventory Item that can be used in the game.


The Loudspeaker is like a typical loudspeaker used to transmit sound.


Clock SquareEdit

The Loudspeaker can be found fixed to a bracket above the window of the security booth where the Security Guard is sitting.


Josef will have to remove the Loudspeaker from the bracket. Josef will not go into the building whilst the guard is stationed there. Josef will have to make the guard leave his post so that he can get the Loudspeaker that is just by the guard. The guard will only leave his post to go into the Temple when certain chimes ring from the Temple bells. The clock puzzle in Clock Square will have to be solved to achieve the required result. (See: Temple Clock Puzzle)

When the puzzle has been solved the guard will leave his post, exit the building and go to the Temple and enter inside. Josef will then be able to enter the guards building go up the stairs and collect the Loudspeaker.

There is a note pinned up in the square that will show how to get the guard to leave its post.


The Loudspeaker can be used to mend the Broken Radio to make the Repaired Radio.

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