In Machinarium there are many challenging Mini-games to be solved.

In this account only the actual visual on-screen Mini-games are included here. The many interesting brain teasers, intellectual puzzles and different strategies are not included here.

Spoiler warning 2

Spoiler Warning: the following individual accounts of the Mini-games contain significant spoilers.

Level - 3. Bottom

Level - 4. Furnace Room

Level - 8. Prison Corridor

Level - 9. Sea

Level - 10. Docks

Level - 12. Pub and Card Room

Level - 14. Clock Square

Level - 15. Arcade Bridge

Level - 16. Bathhouse

Level - 19. Wall - base

Level - 20. Wall - top

Level - 21. Glasshouse

Level - 23. Games Arcade

Level - 24. Elevator

Level - 27. Bomb

Level - 28. Castle

Level - 30. Dome

There is also a mini-game that can be played on each Level in the game.

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