Fat robot

The Fat Robot prisoner.

Skinny robot

The Skinny Robot prisoner.

Smoking robot

The Smoking Robot prisoner.

Thin Black Cap

The prison guard.

The Prison Robots (or Prisoners) are Characters in the game.


The prisoners have a prison uniform with white and orange horizontal stripes. The prisoners have differing types of personality.

List of prisoners:


The Prison Robots have been locked up in the jail at the harbour port. This is not a police jail but a jail belonging to the Black Cap Brotherhood; a gang of criminals in the city. The prisoners are kept in cells in the basement of a building at the port docks used by the Black Cap Brotherhood. The prison jailer is the Thin Black Cap guard who keeps a watch on the prisoners from the prison guardroom.


The Prison Robots can be seen in the following Levels:

Prison CellsEdit


Prison CorridorEdit

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