Prop stick

The Prop Stick is an Inventory Item that can be used in the game.


The Prop Stick is a small wooden stick with a Y-shaped notch at one end.



The Prop Stick can be found at the base of the tall Flytrap Plant that is planted in a large earthenware flowerpot.


Josef can simply pick up the Prop Stick.


The Prop Stick can be used to prop open the mouth of one of the flytrap pitchers of the Flytrap Plant. When Josef first discovers the Flytrap Plant it seems to be dead, Josef will have to use the sunlamp to revitalise it. One of the flytrap pitchers contains an important plot item (the Magnifying Lens) that Josef must obtain. However the Flytrap Plant will not allow Josef to reach his hand inside to get it. The small Prop Stick can be used by Josef to wedge open the mouth of the flytrap pitcher.

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