Puzzle piece

The Puzzle Piece (or Puzzle Tile) is an Inventory Item that can be used in the game.


The Puzzle Piece is a tile belonging to a sliding tile puzzle.


Arcade BridgeEdit

The Puzzle Piece is in the possession of the robot Bird.

The Puzzle Piece is part of a puzzle that has to be solved. (See: Electricity Pole Puzzle). When the tile at the top right corner of the puzzle is clicked, this tile will fall onto the ground. The robot Bird will fly down from the top of the electricity pole, pick up the tile and fly back to the top of the pole with it.


To get the Puzzle Piece back the player will have to make Josef stand on the middle of the bridge. The robot Bird will settle on the overhead electricity wire above Josef. The player should then make Josef go tall and shrink and keep doing this for a time. The robot Bird will copy Josef and start to bounce up and down on the wire. The robot Bird will at some point break the overhead wire and drop the Puzzle Piece. Josef can then pick it up to be used when the puzzle has been completed.


The Puzzle Piece will be required to complete the Electricity Pole Puzzle.

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