Red spanners

The Red Spanners (or valve keys) are Inventory Items that can be used in the game.


The Red Spanners are like metal one-ended spoon-shaped ring spanners. They have a short handle and a cross shaped socket hole at one end.



The three Red Spanners are located in various places in the Bathhouse. One is in view; the other two are hidden from view.

  • Spanner 1 - is on the plumbing pipes next to the ladder.
  • Spanner 2 - is in the pool drain at the bottom left of the Bathhouse.
  • Spanner 3 - is in the back of the engineering book that can be found in the drawer of the small wooden chest, located under where the Pipe Wrench Robot is sitting.


  • Spanner 1 - Josef can simply use this spanner as needed.
  • Spanner 2 - There is a small Wire Hook hanging on the plumbing pipes that can be used to fish the red spanner out of the drain.
  • Spanner 3 - Josef can simply take the spanner from the back of the engineering book.


The Red Spanners can be used to open and close the valves on the complex arrangement of copper pipes next to the ladder. (See: Plumbing Puzzle)

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