Repaired radio

The Repaired Radio is an Inventory Item that can be used in the game.


The Repaired Radio is a broken radio that has been repaired. (See: Broken Radio)



The Repaired Radio can only be found in the Inventory.


The Broken Radio and the Loudspeaker will have to be combined together in the Inventory.


The Repaired Radio can be given to the Pipe Wrench Robot.

(When Josef first talks to the Pipe Wrench Robot it will tell the sad story of how its radio was stolen. It explains to Josef that it will only help Josef if Josef gets it some music to listen to. The Pipe Wrench Robot does give Josef some information about the fountain and the Plumbing Puzzle. Josef must find and obtain the parts of a Broken Radio and then plug the Repaired Radio in the electric wall socket in the Bathhouse. When Josef has found some music on the radio that the Pipe Wrench Robot likes the Pipe Wrench Robot will gladly help Josef to remove the large fitting at the base of the Fountain.)

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