Saxophone keys

The Saxophone Keys are Inventory Items that can be used in the game.


The Saxophone Keys are small metal brass key buttons used on a saxophone.


Pub and Card RoomEdit

The Saxophone Keys can be found in the possession of the Pub Game Player who is sitting at a table in the pub.


To get the Saxophone Keys Josef will have to beat the Pub Game Player at a game of Gomoku (five-in-a-row). The Pub Game Player sits at a table in the Pub studying a board game. He is using various things like nuts, bolts and screws as game pieces. He is also using as game pieces, five Saxophone Keys that Josef needs. If Josef sits at the table with him, he will ask Josef if he would like to play a game of gomoku. If the Pub Game Player is beaten at the game, he will smash his fists down onto the table and the game pieces will fly off in all directions. The five Saxophone Keys will also fly off and land in different parts of the room. Josef can then simply pick them up, go outside and give them to the Saxophone Player.


To help the Saxophone Player mend its saxophone. Josef can give the Saxophone Keys to the Saxophone Player who will then place the keys back into its saxophone. The Saxophone Player will then be able to play its music again.

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