Slideshow 2

Not to be confused with Slideshow Cassette 1

The Slideshow Cassette 2 is an Inventory Item that can be used in the game.


The Slideshow Cassette 2 is a small oblong draw filled with projector slides. The front of the draw has a curved metal handle and a white Roman numeral two. Slideshow Cassette 2 has slides showing some of the flora in Machinarium.



The Slideshow Cassette 2 can be found in the front of the wooden desk.


Josef can simply pull out the Slideshow Cassette 2 from the front of the wooden desk.


The Slideshow Cassette 2 has no actual use in the game; but it is interesting and entertaining to have a look through the slides using the slide projector (See: Glasshouse Control Box Puzzle and Glasshouse Door Puzzle)

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