3-pin lightbulb

Not to be confused with the Small Lightbulb (2-pin)

The Small Lightbulb (3-pin) is an Inventory Item that can be used in the game.


The Small Lightbulb (3-pin) is a small glass lightbulb with three metal socket pins.



The Small Lightbulb (3-pin) can be found inside the small Maintenance Robot that is hidden from sight behind the small access door.


To get the Small Lightbulb (3-pin) Josef will have to pick up some soil from the large pot plant and throw the soil on to the carpet. A Maintenance Robot will come out of a small access door and vacuum up the soil. Josef can quickly pick up the Maintenance Robot and pull the emptying handle on top of the robot. The Small Lightbulb (3-pin) will fall out of the Maintenance Robot on to the floor; Josef can then simply pick it up.


The Small Lightbulb (3-pin) is required to complete part of the electrical circuit in the Elevator Control Box.

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