Sunflower seeds

The Sunflower Seeds are Inventory Items that can be used in the game.


The Sunflower Seeds are similar to ordinary sunflower seeds.



The Sunflower Seeds can be obtained from the grown-on mature Sunflower Plant.


Josef will first have to get the young seedling Sunflower Plant from the Angry Woman in Buskers' Square. He will then have to carry the young Sunflower Plant to the Glasshouse. Josef will then have to place the Sunflower Plant in the soil of the large unused earthenware flowerpot in the Glasshouse. To make the young seedling plant grow he will have to send power to the sunlamp and shine the sunlamp on the young Sunflower Plant. (See: Glasshouse Control Box Puzzle) When the Sunflower Plant has grown to maturity; Josef can shake some Sunflower Seeds from the flower of the Sunflower Plant.


The Sunflower Seeds can be used to make some sunflower-oil; by using the oil making machine at Castle Bridge. Josef will then be able to fill the Empty Sunflower-oil Oilcan. The Full Sunflower-oil Oilcan can be given to the Wheelchair Man in Clock Square. The Wheelchair Man will give Josef a Bandage and the Arcade Ticket in return for getting him the sunflower-oil.

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