Temple Woman
Temple woman


- Important Character


- Interactive Character


  • Clock Square

Plot Item(s)

  • Paper Note
Temple woman note

The Paper Note.

14. Clock Square

The Temple Woman sitting in Clock Square (far left)

The Temple Woman is a Character in the game.

The Temple Woman is an important character that has some vital information for Josef.


The Temple Woman seems to be a female robot. She has a large oblong box shaped head with a curved top. On top of her head is an antenna in the shape of the infinity symbol. Her ears are represented by a circle with two slot holes. She has an open face with big eyes with black dots above perhaps representing eyelashes. Compared to other robots she has a small mouth with pink humanoid lips. She seems to be wearing a long pink dress perhaps representing a sari or sarong type of dress. She has thin legs with small oval feet. She has jointed arms and her hands seem to be held together as if in prayer.


Clock SquareEdit

The Temple Woman can be found sitting on a bench outside of the Temple in Clock Square. If Josef talks to her she will explain to him that the infinity symbol is important (possibly to do with the religion of the City and that she is a follower of this religion). There is a note pinned up in the square that will give a clue about the infinity symbol. Part of the Temple Clock Puzzle will have to be solved to discover the importance of the infinity symbol. See: Temple Clock Puzzle

When the importance of the infinity symbol has been discovered, it will be found that when a certain chime rings from the Temple bell, the Temple Woman will stand up and enter the Temple. This will reveal another important paper note pinned up behind where she was sitting.